About Us

HONG JI Precision Machinery Ltd.

HONG JI Precision Machinery Ltd was established in 1980 and is one of the leading manufacturers of high-efficiency deep hole drilling machines, gun drilling machines, BTA drilling machines and deep hole drilling systems in Taiwan. In 2006, we had a new branch in Thailand to supply immediately service for customers of South-East Asia.
All Products: Deep Hole Drilling Machine、Gun Drilling Machine、BTA drilling machine、Gun drill Grinder
●Automobile and motorcycle spare parts for crankshafts, turbine,connecting rods, shafts, power steering shafts.
●Plastic injection mould for coolant passages, eject pin and electrical heating holes.
●Glass mould for coolant passages.
●Medical equipment for artificial hollow bones.
●Parts required to drill high precision deep holes.

Our insistent conception always "Innovative Technology", "Applicable Service", "Stable Quality", "Consistent Operation".