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Gun Drilling Machine

Gun Drilling Machine

Gun Drilling Machine: SLA-1000D

Gun Drilling Machine

Gun Drilling Machine: SLA-1000D

Product ID: SLA-1000D

The gun drilling machine is known as deep hole drilling machine to drill workpiece a precision hole for metal cutting industry such as machine tool or die. This specific equipment supplied by Hong Ji is special for its round bar material. The gun drilling machine is an auto-feeding equipment with four spindles. It is a mass-production type with qualified automatic work piece-feeding system.

The equipment offers mass production in drilling single size of round bar. Customer accesses efficiency while operating their works with Hong Ji gun drilling machine. On the other hand, with auto-loading and unloading system, operator just needs to put work pieces on the conveyer. Then all work will be done in the equipment automatically.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the full cover of the equipment is as its standard accessory to prevent oil-spray, and to keep the working area clean. As for the filtration system, we use drum-type paper filters, which is also one of the features the gun drilling machine has.




  • Number of drill spindle: 4 Nos
  • Range of gun drilling dia.: 3 ~ 15mm (5 ~ 25mm )
  • Max. depth: 1,000mm



  • Drill feed range: 10 ~ 500 mm/min
  • Spindle speed range: 0 ~ 6,000 rpm

Hydraulic system

  • Coolant pump pressure range: 10~100 kg/cm²
  • Pump output range: 30~100 L/min
  • Coolant tank capacity: 1600 L

Working table stroke

  • Effective drill stroke (Z-Axis): 1,000mm

Drive motor

  • Spindle motor: 7.5hp x 2  10hp x 2
  • Z-Axis: 2hp
  • Chip conveyor: 1/8hp
  • Workpiece driven motor: 1hp
  • Coolant pump: 10hp x 4
  • Automatic lubrication: 51w
  • Total power: 50hp / 65hp
  • Net weight of the Gun Drilling Machine: 5,000kgs
  • Machine dimensions (Approx): 5,500 x 4,000 x 1,900mm


Standard accessories

  • Paper filter
  • Magnetic separator
  • Chip and oil separator system
  • High pressure oil pump
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Protecting drill torsion system
  • Outer oil tank/Oil level gauge
  • Tranformer
  • Leveling screws & block
  • Tool box / work light / alarm light
  • Mechanical / Electrical operation manual

Special accessories

  • Oil cooler
  • Coolant oil
  • Gundrill
  • Guide bush
  • Rubber bush
  • Automatic Voltage stabilizer
  • Fully enclosed guard
  • Gundrill grinder
  • Safety door interlock
  • Oil mist collector
  • Filtration housing
  • Centrifuge






  • The SLA model is designed to reach automatic job-doing, reduce human power, and offer mass production in drilling single size of round bar.
  • SLA-1000D with CNC or PLC is designed for drilling center-hole drilling, like eject hole, automobile parts, medical parts, ect.
  • Servo motor and Ball screw are used for the feed mechanism to insure smooth and convenience for feed rate adjust.
  • With high-precision linear guide way, spindle moves lightly and smoothly.
  • The enhanced rib in the major construction provide the excellent rigidity for drilling big size of holes.
  • Automatic lubrication pump is provided as standard accessory to ensure all bearing surface and screws are well lubricated.
  • The filtration system (paper filter, magnetic separator, chip conveyor and tank filter) are standard accessories to keep the oil clean.
  • The excellent design of oil flow cycle provides plentiful oil to lower the temperature of drilling and drill smoothly.
  • With auto-feeding conveyor, drilling cycle is efficiently and can be connected with other automatic system.
  • CE requirement is available
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
  • FOB: Taichung or Keelung Port, Taiwan
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