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Automatic gun drilling machine

Automatic gun drilling machine

Automatic gun drilling machine : SLA-200D

Automatic gun drilling machine

Automatic robot system

Product ID: SLA-200D

This automatic machine is designed to reduce human power and offer mass production in drilling single size of round bar. Reducing man power. Operator just puts jobs on the conveyor and collects jobs from another conveyor after several drilling cycles.

Equipped with automatic system, system will pick up jobs on the conveyors to machine. Loading and unloading jobs is automatic and no causing damage on jobs.

Loading and unloading jobs does not waste time.

No pending owing to operator. Operator is not necessary to stand with machine, because just there are jobs on the conveyor, the machine can keep running.

Compact design for the machine, no occupy too much space and easy to maintenance.

Easy to connect to next machining for all production line. For SLA-200D design, jobs finished are loaded on the conveyor, hence, it is easy to connect production for next machine.

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